Diggi Palace


Jaipur Literature Festival

Welcome to the literary haven of Diggi Palace, where words come alive and ideas take flight at the renowned Jaipur Literature Festival. Set against the backdrop of this historic palace, the festival is a vibrant celebration of literature, arts and intellectual exchange. Here, under the open skies and amidst the regal architecture, authors, thinkers, and artists from across the world converge to engage in discussions that ignite the mind and inspire the soul. From thought-provoking debates to captivating readings, the Jaipur Literature Festival at Diggi Palace is a melting pot of creativity, fostering a unique blend of culture and ideas that resonate far beyond its charming walls.
Uncover the allure of our Heritage Hotel, where cherished traditions blend harmoniously with contemporary comforts and where your most treasured recollections come to life. Embrace the distinct fusion of pet-friendly hospitality, verdant gardens, historical magnificence, captivating weddings, and soul-nurturing weekend retreats that define our hotel’s essence. Welcome to a realm of timeless enchantment and gracious living at Hotel Diggi Palace.


This festival of colors signifies a victory of good over evil and celebrated with immense joy and true spirit of unity. Revel in these festivities at Diggi Palace and surrender to the splendid culture of India.


Owing to our deeply rooted mythology as well as the staunch sense of unitedness, Diwali festival is celebrated in an inexplicable spirit of togetherness and elation.


Spread friendship through flowers! World Association of Floral Artist’s is a spectacularly triennial festival. Embrace the country’s vibrant history, culture, art and traditions through this magnificent festival amidst the gorgeousness of Diggi.

Visit To Organic Farms

Our team organizes a trip to our organic farmlands for you to gain a firsthand experience on the science of farming. These organic farms use sustainable agricultural techniques and grow over 50 fruits and vegetables. A trip to these farms bestows an enriching experience.

Rajasthan Heritage Week

The strength of Rajasthan’s culture and the mesmerizing sound of Sufi music is as indigenous in its vibe as is invigorating in its impression. The festival makes you plunge into the true flavour of Rajasthan and blend with its culturally rich energy.